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How Do Bail Bonds Work? Getting You Out of Jail Faster

Simply put: A bail bond is a contract between 4 entities:

The bail bonding company
The jurisdiction that holds your warrant (or court)
The person co-signing for your bail.
You - The Defendant
The bail agents, as well as the co-signers are the people who are responsible for you showing up for all of your court appearances. Now, you do have the option to pay the bond yourself, if you can afford it. The bail amount is set by the court and usually dependent on the severity of your crime and if you are deemed a flight risk. If you are a flight risk or try to escape, be sure an inmate search will be performed to find you and bring you to justice and you may not receive a bond at all.

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Big hint here: turning yourself in once you discover you are wanted on a warrant normally does not make you a flight risk... this may reduce your bond amount... check with your attorney.

The bail bond company provides a guarantee to the court that you will appear in court when summoned by the judge, ie; your next court date. You will also need to check in regularly with your bail agent as a condition of your release.

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